Do you have some land?

The Challenge

So if you’ve poked around this site a little you’ll know that I’m looking to build a modest family home for My wife, daughter and myself. We currently rent in the village of Stilton and would dearly love to own our own home.

Unfortunately, with the size of mortgage we can access, and with the property market in the UK being as crazy as it is, the only properties available to buy are either really (and I mean really!) small or located in less than desirable areas for bringing up a family. It’s impossible for us to buy a house that matches what we currently rent in terms of quality, size and location.

Not because we can’t afford it, but because the current banking rules on mortgages mean we can’t get a mortgage with repayments matching our rent. According to the banks we can’t afford a mortgage of that size – even though we’ve been paying rent of the same amount all our lives and never missed a payment!

But, if done carefully, we could afford to build a much more suitable home for the budget that the banks are willing to lend.

So it’s a no brainer really. We would like to build! We just need that little thing called land on which to do the building!

Have a look at the map below and if you have land anywhere near by, please do drop me a line.

[email protected] or 07504 022538.

The Solution

So we’re looking for land to build our house on. If you have, or know of, any land that you might be prepared to sell then I’d love to talk with you about it.

What counts as land?
Well, almost anything really. It might be a large back garden that we could build our modest two bedroom home in. It could be a bit of disused industrial or farming land. Maybe there’s an existing outbuilding or storage barn that could be replaced? Let me pay you a windfall for that bit of land that you’re not making much use of!

Don’t discount it!
No matter how unsuitable a piece of land might look it can usually be built on successfully. Steep slopes? Trees? They might not be a problem. Get in contact and we’ll have a chat about it!

What would we want to build?
I can understand that if you’ve got a piece of land next to your house then you’d be pretty concerned about what might be built there. First thing; We’re not developers. This would be our first, and hopefully last, house build.

We would like to build a modest two bedroomed family home. Probably a dormer bungalow style home, but it would really depend on the surrounding properties. We’d want to fit in with what’s around. We certainly don’t have a big steel and glass Grand Designs style house in mind!


Take a look at the map opposite (click for clearer view).
I work in Huntingdon and my wife works in Peterborough. So we’re looking to buy land anywhere between the two or even further afield for the right plot. The red shaded area on the map is our ideal area, but we’re open to anything that’s within commutable distance of Peterborough/Huntingdon.

How much?

So how much would I be able to pay you for a piece of land?

Well, it obviously varies depending on a few factors, but roughly speaking I might be able to pay around £30,000 – £40,000 pounds for your piece of over grown garden. Not bad eh?

What would I build?

I have no pre-set design that I’m determined to build. It would completely depend on the area and surrounding properties of the land that I end up building on. For an idea of the style that I like, take a look at the What it’s all about page.

Sound interesting?

If you think you might have, or know of someone else who might have, a piece of land that you’d consider selling then please drop me a line either by email or phone and we can meet up for a coffee. No commitments at all, just a friendly chat to see if we get on and what the possibilities are.

Think you might have some land?

You can call me on 07504 022538.
If I’m not able to answer it’s probably because I’m at work, please leave a message and I’ll call you back!