Rural Timber Kit homes – Model D

For those on a tight build budget the idea of kit homes is something that needs to be considered. Like a giant mecano set, everything you need to build the house is included, down to the screws and nails. Hire a local builder to put it together and you’ve got a house!

On the plus side, you get a pretty good certainty of budget and because of the kit providers economy of scale you can end up with a good all in price for the kit itself.

On the not so plus side, you don’t get something that’s super individual. Kit homes tend to be pretty ordinary architecturally, and you don’t get to say it’s all come out of your head. In general, cheap tends to mean boring.

Model D homes look to address this by providing highly designed kits at affordable prices from just £99,000

While the structure is entirely timber, and clad with wood outside, almost no external painting is required over the long life of these homes, which are designed to complement the landscape.

Plan layouts are adaptable, and offer a range from one to four bedrooms, a workspace, and a double-height open-plan living, dining and kitchen area. The decked area offers a sheltered intermediate zone between outside and inside, with a wider summer deck at one gable end.

Model D Homes:

My Name is Ben. I'm 34 and married to a wonderful wife with an eight year old daughter. We can't afford to buy the sort of house we want to live in, so I'm planning to build it instead.

How do I find land? How do I finance a build? How do I get planning?  And how do I do it all on a micro budget? This blog is a place for me to organise my thoughts and research as I try and answer those questions. There's a slightly wordier explanation of all this on the What's it all about page.

In my internet travels I've found lots of people that blog about the physical build part of their self build, but very little on the process of getting from the initial idea to the point of starting the build. That's what this site will be focussing on.

You'll find lots more posts on all the different aspects of self building on the front page of this site.